Your attitude is contagious

You’ve heard the saying – Laughter is contagious. Well attitude can certainly be too.

Don’t be “the one”

Do you know that person at work that just always seems to be grumpy and complaining about everything? You know, the one that complains about the fact that they’re underpaid, that the coffee is terrible, that there’s not enough space in the refrigerator, that there are no good parking spaces, and on, and on, and on…..

When you think about that person, what do you think?

Well firstly, you probably think that they have a poor attitude, right? But beyond that, you probably try your best to avoid them, if at all possible, because they always seem to find the negative in things. What a drain. Well it is a drain because just like laughter can be contagious, so can attitude. Energy is transferable and always flowing. So, that means we have to be careful who we are spending our time around, what we’re thinking about, and the types of activities and groups we’re involved with.

Don’t believe that? Walk into a comedy club with a good comedian on stage and try to be negative. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s certainly not going to be likely. On the contrary, most people are going to be having a good time.
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